Reference Center Loudspeaker (Reference Standard Collection)


The Nola Reference Center Channel Series II loudspeaker employs open baffle technology to eliminate box coloration from home theater reproduction and to provide a perfect match to other Nola Reference models such as Baby Grand Reference, Metro Grand Reference and Micro Grand Reference. It matches our other Reference models both in concept and in quality. Four state of the art transducers are utilized in this 3-way system with a vertically employed array for the open baffle midrange and ribbon tweeter, flanked by two horizontally deployed woofers. This array provides wide horizontal dispersion.

New to the Reference Center Channel Series II is the use of the recently developed UnisonTM crossover design. This crossover design provides increased clarity, dynamic response and immediacy.

The bass drivers are 180mm diameter cast frame units with magnesium cones operating in twin sealed enclosures. Ultra-low distortion motor systems allow for clean, tight, deep bass to 35 Hz. The midrange is handled by our premium custom Alnico magnet driver operating in open baffle dipole mode as in our other Reference models. The high frequency driver is the custom Nola version of the Raven true ribbon tweeter. This transducer has 25 times less mass than any known dome tweeter for unsurpassed resolution without hardness. Fatigue-free long time listening (as with a movie) is a given. The ultimate in "live", open, and spacious reproduction is provided.



System: Three way, four driver, with open baffle mid-range and tweeter
Low frequency: Twin 180mm magnesium woofers operating in separate sealed enclosures
Mid frequency: 110mm tri-laminate with Alnico magnet core
High frequency: True ribbon driver with anti-diffraction disc
9" H x 25" W x 11.5" D, 45 lbs. net

Response: 35 Hz to 46 kHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Impedance: 8 ohm nominal / 4 ohm minimum
Crossover: UnisonTM two boards, hand-wired
Connection: Single pair 5-way binding posts
True Piano Rosewood is standard. Piano Black and other finishes available by special order.

Specifications subject to change without notice.



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