Open-Baffle Floorstanding Loudspeakers (Boxer Collection)



The new Nola KO Mk II expands upon the performance of the KO in such a way as to produce sound that provides a greater emotional connection between the listener and the music. Greater image density and focus with images beyond the speaker boundaries portray life-like dynamics. The KO Mk II provides greater low level resolution, even in the presence of high level dynamic swings. All virtues of the original KO have been preserved including the easy-drive 8 ohm / 90 dB rating, the outstanding "jump factor", huge soundstage, and fluid presentation.

The KO Mk II employs eight new woven carbon fiber mid-range drivers. These drivers employ advanced technical features such as edge-wound Kapton voice coils and cast aluminum frames. Additional use of Nordost mono filament silver wire in critical locations is utilized. All three crossover boards have been upgraded. In addition, the low frequency chambers have been re-tuned.

The new midrange drivers operating as dipoles to eliminate box coloration. The high frequency section employs four exotic 1" silk dome tweeters that provide excellent detail, wide effortless dynamics and luxurious smoothness. The low frequency bass drivers, each operating in separate ported chambers, operate as perfect pistons over their whole range for dynamic, fast, and tuneful bass. True phase plugs, long throw high power voice coils, and sophisticated, heavy magnet structures are also utilized. A 90 dB sensitivity at 2.8 volts and an average 8 ohm impedance allow the Nola KO to be driven by a wide range of amplifiers, both solid state and vacuum tube.

The Nola KO Mk II is provided in either highgloss American cherry or highgloss black finish. Four removable grilles (front, sides, and rear), premium spikes and piano black bases are also provided. Other colors are available upon request.




Dimensions: 48 inches H x 10 inches W x 15 inches D, 110lbs per side
Response: 30 Hz to 28 kHz, useable to 25 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB / 1M / 2.82 volts
Impedance: 8 ohms average / 4 ohm min.
American Cherry high gloss or Black high gloss

Specifications subject to change without notice.


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