Integrated Amplifier

Tube and bipolar transistor hybrid stereo integrated amplifier. The line stage of the Partenope stereo integrated amplifier makes use of no coupling capacitors on the signal path, even though it is based on vacuum tubes. This layout avoids signal degradations and allows for a very large bandwidth at both ends. The circuit is auto-balancing and allows for amplification of both single-ended and balanced signals.

Phase can be chosen between direct and inverting for each channel by a key on the remote control with elegant and innovative look. This feature is most useful when reproducing records which have been recorded with inverted phase. A second phase inversion performed on the preamp restores the original absolute phase of the musical signal.

The phono stage features a high performance MC input, suitable for almost all the most sought-after MC cartridges today available on the market. The MM stage features an ultra-low noise FET on the input and offers high matching flexibility. Great care has been devoted to the power supply, which sports a two-stage regulation for each stage of each channel and makes use of discrete-components, very low noise shunt regulators.

The Power Amplifier section consists of two seperate solid-state power stages (dual-mono) with “infinite slew” current transfer circuit and “quiet overload” protections, based on a topology in which the input signal is translated into a current which is amplified and then fed to the load connected to the output. His amplification method allows for the overcome of the typical limitations of voltage amplifiers.

Particularly, it is most effective on high power transient response, due to the absence of the slew effect. The use of the current transfer circuit delivers amazing dynamics, an absolute tonal coherence at all listening levels and an easy match with every kind of speakers.

The Partenope Stereo Integrated Amplifier is provided with both balanced and single-ended inputs, the latter with both non-inverting and inverting facility. This allows easy bridge connection with external amplifiers/monoblocks (bi-amplification) and absolute phase restoring when using an inverting preamplifier. This feature gives the user the possibility to always listen to the music with its original phase.




Integrated amplifier

Output power
73W p.c. @ 8 Ohm, 0.3% THD; 125W p.c. @ 4 Ohm, 0.3% THD;
195W p.c. @ 2 Ohm, 0.3% THD

Output stage gain

Frequency Response
3Hz-2MHz (+0/-3dB)

Noise floor
-89dBV (linear, 0-30kHz)

Signal-to-noise ratio
116dB (linear, 0-30kHz)

0,02% (right before clipping)

Line stage
Imputs phono MM/MC, single-ended line (4), balanced line

single ended line, balanced line, tape out

Max. output voltage


Frequency response
3Hz-350kHz (@1Vrms measured at pre out

Noise floor
-90dBV (linear, 0-30kHz)

Signal-to-noise ratio
102dB (linear, 0-30kHz)

0,04% (@ 3,5Vrms)

Input impedance
47kOhm (single-ended); 100kOhm (balanced)

Output impedance
80 Ohm (single-ended); 160 Ohm (balanced)

Phono stage Gain
40dB (@ 1kHz, MM); 60dB (@ 1kHz, MC)

Frequency response
RIAA +/-0.5dB (16Hz-30kHz)

Signal-to-noise ratio
82dB (linear, 0-30kHz, MM)

Input impedance

47kOhm (MM); 100 Ohm (MC)


115V or 230V, 50-60Hz

28 Kg



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