Stereo Peamplifier

Tube and bipolar transistor hybrid stereo preamplifier. The line stage of the Talia stereo preamplifier makes use of no coupling capacitors on the signal path, even though it is based on vacuum tubes. This layout avoids signal degradations and allows for a very large bandwidth at both ends. The circuit is auto-balancing and allows for amplification of both single-ended and balanced signals.

Phase can be chosen between direct and inverting for each channel by a key on the remote control with elegant and innovative look. This feature is most useful when reproducing records which have been recorded with inverted phase. A second phase inversion performed on the preamp restores the original absolute phase of the musical signal.

The phono stage features a integrated circuit, high performance MC input, suitable for almost all the most sought-after MC cartridges today available on the market. The MM stage features a ultra-low noise FET on the input and offers high matching flexibility. Great care has been devoted to the power supply, which sports a two-stage regulation for each stage of each channel and makes use of discrete-components, very low noise shunt regulators.




stereo preamplifier with “DC-coupled wideband tube interface” line stage circuit and MM/MC phono input

Totally balanced circuit with 4-sections volume potentiometer, auto-balance feature to transform single-ended signals into balanced signals.

ultra-low noise toroidal transformer, comprehensive regulation of every stage’s supply.

Audio inputs
Phono (MM/MC, RCA), 3 line single-ended (RCA), 1 line balanced (XLR)

Audio outputs
Tape out (RCA), pre out single-ended (RCA), pre out balanced (XLR)

Trigger in (jack 3,5mm, 12VDC - 50mA),Trigger out (jack 3,5mm, 12VDC - 250mA max.), remote in (led IR, jack 3,5mm)

Frequency response
5Hz-300kHz (1Vrms out, +0/-1dB)

Slew rate
>60V/us (4Vpp out)

Signal-to-noise ratio
line 90dB (linear, ref. 5Vrms out, 20Hz-20kHz); MM 86dB (linear, ref. 5mVrms in, 1kHz, gain 40dB); MC 76dB (linear, ref. 0.5mVrms in, 1kHz, gain 60dB)

Harmonic distortion
line 0,01% (1 Vrms)

line 0,04% (1 Vrms, 15kHz + 16kHz)

Intrinsic absolute (single-pole circuit)

line 12dB; MM variable 36-42dB, MC variable 55-65dB

impedance line 47 kOhm (single-ended), 100 kOhm (bilanciato); phono 22 kOhm / 47kOhm (MM), 10-100-1000 Ohm (MC)

Power consumption

L cm 42 x H 15 x P 45

14,5 Kg





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